Meet Me

Well, hi there! I'm Jenny Sorensen and I really like sculpting.  In fact, I've worked with Sculpey polymer clay, a malleable art grade vinyl material since I was just a kid.  I've held various jobs in my life, but I've been working in my home studio, named Wishing Well Workshop for the past five years. When I first decided to give my heart to my art, I started a social media page to have a place to record my art journey.  Over the years, my social media channels have become the heartbeat of my studio.  When interacting with my online followers and friends, I share the daily happenings in my mixed-media studio, sell my art, spill fun facts and quick tips, and offer resources and support to other artists.  

Being in my studio, Wishing Well Workshop, offers me the opportunity to create every day.  And I do.  There's nothing more calming or relaxing to me than turning up some tunes and letting my imagination guide me.  I love sculpting and utilizing natural elements like stone, wood, shell or crystal in my work because it gives a unique dimension to my art.  Since I must create, I offer my art for sale online.  It makes my heart happy to address a box with a special sculpture inside because I know it's is sure to bring smiles, and hopefully like my studio name, well wishes. 
A bumpy road for me was when I wasn't creating art at all.  There were years when I worked a typical 40 hour week for a big corporation and was quite unhappy for quite a long time. One day I angrily picked up that polymer clay I had played with and loved as a kid and thought, hey.  Now what about this? What could I do with THIS?  What couldn't I do with this?  That's when the road became so much smoother, because I passionately felt like sculpting was something that I needed to do from then on.  I still feel that way.

I've been quite lucky to have monumental support of my art from people in my life and my local community in Brighton.   I have to thank my husband, Matt most of all because he's always been my number one fan and support system.  Matt even won "Employee of the Month" in December.  It's usually a toss up between him and Zeke, my big Maine Coon kitty, but they are both a tremendous help so maybe this month it'll be a tie.

I'm thankful that I haven't experienced many obstacles with my art, but I know they are bound to come up now and then, and will take each challenge one step at a time.
I'm so happy to work in my home studio every day.  Even though I'm completely self-taught, I  specialize in polymer clay sculpting and have been mesmerized with it since I was little.  I've been working with clay and sharing my discoveries for a long time, so I've developed a reputation as somewhat of an expert in my field, and with that I feel tremendous pride and responsibility.  I love sharing and demonstrating what I know, feeling as if it's my duty to support to my fellow artists all across the globe. Not all artists share their creative process, but I like to invite people into my studio and into my imagination.  It's really fun in there!

Since I'm known for my polymer clay work, a big highlight of my career is being one of twelve artists on the Sculpey Design Squad.  Sculpey is the company that manufactures my favorite brand of polymer clay, so it's a match made in heaven. Being a partner with them allows me to share my ideas with even more artists through blogging on their website, testing new products before they hit the market, and offering feedback on future projects.  It really is a dream job, and I actually jumped for joy when they asked me to team up two years ago.  

Because I love sharing so much, I very much enjoy teaching clay classes here in the Denver area, and across the country.  I am always delighted to share a day with friends sculpting, learning and laughing.  In a hands-on classroom setting, I treasure the endless smiles of satisfaction when projects come together.  My favorite part about being an artist is when I teach folks how awesome and fun clay is and it inspires them to keep creating. That makes me pretty proud for sure.

I've lived in Colorado since the late 1980's and Denver is a wonderful place with fantastic opportunities for artists.  We are lucky to live around many communities where so much diverse and unique art.