Rainbow Waterfall Cottage Neighbors

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Good to see you, friends!

You'll be absolutely delighted with the sparkling, delicate colors of this one-of-a-kind sculpture. Take a walk down the stony steps, through the gardens, and past the waterfall to enjoy the lush landscape of this charming scene.

Standing about 5" tall this pixie house pair is completely hand-sculpted using a hand-mixed, customized polymer clay color palette.  This grand landscape is crafted on a natural wood slice and looks delightful in a potted houseplant, fairy garden, terrarium or bookshelf. Each sculpture is created with joy, heart-felt attention to detail, and a little bit of magic!  

Thanks so much for touring this cottage today!

***This sculpture is not a toy and intended for decorative purposes only.

***All Wishing Well Workshop designs are ©2022 by Jenny Sorensen